The business side of the city

Waterfront is the emerging and cosy business centre of the city. Its eminent assets include easy access to the full urban infrastructure, high-class hotels, modern conference facilities, offices, and service points that are located nearby. An important asset involves the close proximity of public transportation spots, a railway station, an international ferry port and a ring road connecting the city with the airport. Waterfront is going to be a perfect spot to organise business meetings not only at the national level but also at the international level.

Location strengths
The project on the city map
Amenities in the neighbourhood
Transport connections
The project on the city map
Borders of the city
The main transportation artery of Tricity
National and expressway roads
Tricity ring road
Gdynia Główna railway station
Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM)
PKM station
Fast Urban Railway (SKM)
SKM station
PKP railway line
PKP railway station
Waterfront development
Amenities in the neighbourhood
Car park
Bicycle station
Film Centre
Musical Theatre
Shopping centre
Polish post office
SKM, PKM, and PKP stations
SKM train line
PKM train line
PKP train line
Transport connections
SKM, PKM, and PKP stations
SKM train line
PKM train line
PKP train line
Bus/trolleybus stops
Shared bus and trolleybus route
Bus terminal
21, 29
21, 29
21, 29
326, N10, N20, N30, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30
750, 700, N40, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 30
F, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 30, 723
102, 119, 146, 170, 173, 190, 194, 204, 209, 232, 740, F, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 30, 723
119, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 30, 710
104, 119, 128, 133, 134, 152, 204, 282
103, 105, 109, 125, 182, 196, F, N10, N20, N30, S, W, 34
700, 326, N10, N20, N30, N40, N94, 20, 21, 25, 28, 29, 710
Convenient work environment

The office buildings on Waszyngtona street can be distinguished by their modern architecture and an easy-to-arrange floor layout. Ground floors with elegant reception halls, service points and cafes will be an important convenience for the employees of the companies located here. Having their comfort in mind, we are creating parking spaces as well as showers and changing rooms for cyclists in the underground garages.

Waterfront means prestige for the employers and for the employees – a perfect place to perform their work duties. A comfortable environment and numerous amenities, along with the planned relaxation zones, are going to make it possible for future employees to keep a work-life balance.

The shapes of the office buildings impress with the elegant architecture and simple form. The layout of the buildings surprises with courtyards, lanes and squares that form coherent routes planted with carefully selected greenery.
Office spaces
Well-designed and illuminated floor layouts allow for flexible interior design so that the tenants can perfectly adjust the office space to their needs. A healthy environment is going to support both the effectiveness and well-being of the employees.
Each of the buildings is going to have its own individually designed vestibule, reception, and elevator. Not only is the stylish lobby going to be the trademark of your company, but it is also going to make it easy for the employees, suppliers and guests to communicate smoothly and move freely around the buildings.
Waterfront offices were designed according to the strict standards of the American environmental certification system LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). They owe their pro-ecological nature to the solutions that enable the effective use of energy, recycling, and other practices that are friendly to the environment.
Using energy-efficient LED lightbulbs and motion detectors with a control system will considerably limit energy consumption.
Using toilets and taps with a low water flow is going to reduce water usage. It is estimated that rational management of water consumption is going to result in savings of 35%.
The high quality of the internal environment will be guaranteed by the ventilation system and the thermal comfort control. The materials used for the finishing works have ecological certificates and approvals. Openable windows will allow fresh air circulation.
Apart from the efficient artificial lightning, access to daylight is going to be provided in 70% of the lease area.
Regional and recycled materials are going to be used. At least 75% of construction waste will be processed into secondary raw materials.
25% of the project area constitutes a biologically active area. Mainly, plants typical of coastal areas and resistant to long periods of drought have been selected for planting.
Roofs are going to be covered with greenery or a membrane reflecting solar radiation. This solution, including placing the parking spaces underground, is going to reduce the heat island effect in the city.
The complex is going to include parking spots, changing rooms and showers for cyclists, as well as electric vehicle charging stations.
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