The sale of apartments
will start in 2024.

The sale of apartments
will start in 2024.

Apartments by the sea

Are you looking to combine the dynamics of a young urban district with peace, nature, and the sound of the sea? Waterfront is the perfect place for lovers of such a unique lifestyle. The project presents a modern way of thinking about living space, exploiting the full potential of the location.

The residential segment of the complex consists of two six-story buildings located in the second line of buildings from the waterfront. The offer includes a full range of apartment types: from studios to spacious five-room apartments. With a well-thought-out arrangement of rooms, most of the units have a terrace or a balcony, and parking spaces in the underground garage. Common areas will be developed to a high standard of finishing, and service zones will be located on the ground floors of the buildings. The location in the immediate vicinity of the open active zone of the city will allow residents to quickly enjoy its charms. Another advantage of this development is the use of many tangible solutions aimed at creating a sustainable and healthy living environment for the residents of the estate. The project will apply for the US LEED environmental certification.

This is why it is worth waiting for these apartments. The sales process will start after the completion of construction in 2024.

residential and commercial units

Parking spaces in underground garage

Apartments ready to move in

Apartments in Waterfront have been designed with the utmost care for the functionality of the spaces. All premises will have the standard and style of finish specified by the developer: port or yacht. The interior design includes wooden floors, lighting, kitchen cabinets with household appliances, a furnished bathroom with high-quality fittings and a washing machine, wardrobes and fitted closets as well as internal doors.

This solution will save time and money for future owners. Instead of discussing the details of the project with individual subcontractors, supervising their work, and spending hours in stores looking for finishing materials, buyers can move into a new apartment on the day after the purchase. Thanks to this, after picking up the keys, it only remains to select furniture and accessories that will give the interior an individual character.

High standard of finish

There are two types of wooden windows: sliding and folding in day zones, and tilt and turn in other rooms.

The balconies and terraces will be finished with wood cladding, and the floors will be covered with boards.

Automatically controlled LED lighting and silent elevators will increase the comfort level of residents.

Carefully selected vegetation, characteristic of the coastal zone, will give the surroundings a unique atmosphere.

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How many apartments will there be in the Waterfront development and what size?
The Waterfront estate has 126 residential premises, including 10 penthouses (with an area of 29-172 m²) and 19 commercial premises (from 29-195 m²).

What is the height of apartments and commercial premises?
Apartments: from 2.75 m to 3.50 m (in penthouses)
Commercial premises: 3.5 – 5 m

When will apartment sales start?
In mid-2024, after completion of construction and finishing of the apartments to the fit-out standard. We only sell ready-made apartments.

Will the surrounding offices be ready in 2024?
The offices are for rent and will be ready in 2024.

What is fit-out?
Fit-out allows you to move into the apartment immediately, on the first day after purchase. The fit-out standard means equipping apartments with elements such as: wooden floors, a kitchen with household appliances, a fully equipped bathroom with a washing machine or a washer-dryer, cabinetry, painted walls, and interior doors. Brands: Barlinek, Hansgrohe, Marazzi, Polskone

What fit-out styles will be at the Waterfront?
Port and yacht. On the website you can find visualizations of both these styles. They are neutral enough to allow you to freely choose your movables, furniture and accessories.

What is fit-out plus?
Fit-out plus is an apartment additionally equipped with furniture and interior accessories by renowned interior designers. We are planning about 20 apartments in the fit-out plus standard.

Do all apartments have a balcony?
110 apartments out of 126 have a balcony. The others have a porte-fenetre.

Why do you act differently? Where’s the catch?
We want to take the most difficult job off our shoulders – finishing the apartments ourselves. We sell ready-made apartments that you can view before purchasing. It is quiet in the estate, there are no long renovations at the neighbors. We operate differently than the rest of the development market in Poland, but similarly to developers in Germany or Scandinavia. We want to treat the customer fairly – we do not sell a hole in the ground, but apartments that you can enter, see the view from the window and choose the one that suits you best.
Our experience shows that customers greatly appreciate this approach (Riverview).

When will the apartment offer appear on the website?
The offer will appear when sales start – in mid-2024. A few months earlier, customers who have signed up for the Premium Club will receive access to the offer and will be able to book apartments before they go on the market.

What is the Premium Club?
The Premium Club brings together people interested in Vastint housing investments in Poland. Club members receive early access to the offer of apartments, with the option of booking them in advance. To sign up for the Club, after its launch, simply complete the form on the website of a given investment and pay the entry fee. In the case of Waterfront it will be PLN 400. Membership in the Club is for life, and club members will receive offers for each subsequent Vastint housing project in Poland. You can also leave the Club at any time.

Is the Premium Club entry fee refundable when purchasing an apartment?
No, this is a one-time, lifetime fee.

Why can’t I buy a flat in a developer’s standard?
In line with our strategy, all apartments offered by Vastint in Poland are equipped to the fit-out standard. We do not sell unfinished apartments. This also applies to the Waterfront investment. This has the advantage that the apartments are ready to move in from day one. And they are finished in accordance with current interior design trends and with high-standard materials. The customer only selects furniture and accessories.

Will I have influence on the finishing style, choice of colors, materials, etc.?
You will not be able to influence the choice of interior finishing elements – the apartments will already be ready and finished. However, you will be able to choose between two different apartment styles: port style and yacht style.
All furnishing styles are based on neutral colors, allowing for individual interior design. Fit-out is a base that does not interfere with individual fun with the arrangement. We take over the worst renovation work and leave you the pleasure of the device.
An additional advantage is the fact that we buy large quantities of finishing materials, so the price for finishing is more favorable than if you bought the same elements of equipment yourself.

Will I be able to buy more than one parking space?
Yes, in the case of purchasing large apartments. It is not possible to purchase more places for smaller apartments. Parking spaces in the garage are allocated to a given apartment. There will be approximately 20 public, paid parking spaces in the garage hall.

What discounts do you offer? Will I get a discount if I buy more apartments?
In accordance with the company’s policy and the principles of equality and transparency towards customers, we do not offer discounts. The premises are sold at the prices included in the offer presented.

Will I be informed about the Premium Club and the start of sales?
Yes, you will be informed in advance, by e-mail, if you leave us your contact details via the contact form available at

Will I receive a guarantee from you for the fit-out?
Yes, each of our clients will receive a minimum 2-year warranty for all fit-out elements, valid from the date of receipt of the apartment. However, some elements will have an extended warranty, in accordance with the manufacturers’ warranty. The statutory warranty also applies.

What does the process of purchasing an apartment look like?
There are two options: either through the Premium Club or through public sale. The apartments are ready to move in from day one, so it is possible to sign the final deed and receive the keys on the same day.

Where will the sales office be located?
The sales office is located next to the estate, in the PKO BP building, entrance from the marina at the Presidential Wharf. Address: ul. Washington 17.

Will there be show apartments?
Yes, we are planning show apartments that will be available to buyers in the estate.

Will the offer also include apartments equipped with furniture?
Yes, we are planning about 20 apartments equipped not only with fit-out but also with furniture and accessories. All these apartments will be designed by experienced interior designers, under our supervision.

What is the legal status of the land? Is there perpetual usufruct?
Yes, there is perpetual usufruct.

What other projects are you planning?
We are planning most projects in Poznań: we are building the Pastelowo housing estate, then the multi-stage Portowo estate in Poznań. We will also build the Stara Rzeźnia investment in the center of Poznań. Housing estates will also be built in Warsaw, Wrocław and the next stage of the Riverview housing estate in Gdańsk.

How many apartments can I buy?
Waterfront is a residential estate for your own purposes, e.g. for children or families, so the number of apartments that can be purchased by one client will be limited.

Can I buy a storage room for my apartment?
Only the largest apartments will have this option.

Who will manage the GWF estate? External company or Vastint?
The management will be entrusted to an external company that will administer the building and provide comprehensive building services, including billing and technical services.